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Weekly Mowing

grass gathered after mowing process

The team here at Eau Claire Lawn and Snow is happy to be able to provide you with weekly lawn moving services for your property. We know that having a ell-kempt lawn is important to ensure that you have a presentable property. Having a presentable property is important for your peace of mind. Also, it represents to your guests, visitors, and on-lookers that you care about the quality of your appearance, and if you operate a business, this is very important because it reflects the high-quality work that you always strive to accomplish.

Bi-Weekly Services

In addition to weekly mowing services, there are also bi-weekly services that we are able to offer here at Eau Claire Lawn and Snow. We are the team that you can trust for all of your recurring lawn mowing services because we are the team that knows the best way to get the job done. We know that lawn cutting services and general yard service is going to make your exterior look nicer, and that is going to enhance your feelings of peace of mind. The means that you are going to be able to get the perfect looking yard without having to dedicate tons of time and energy into it.

Weed Whacking

In addition to lawn mowing, our team of professionals are happy to be able to provide weed whacking services as well. We know that weed whacking services are going to really take your lawn to the next level because it provides a well-groomed look. Having a well-groomed look, even along the edges means that your lawn is going to look the best possible way that you could hope for. We are also not your standard landscaping business. Instead, we are going to make sure that your weeds are removed for good!

Timely Services

When you hire our team of professionals to be your weekly or bi-weekly mowing team, you are going to be happy to know that we also set up a specific time to come by and get the job done. We know that having a time that you can count on every week is going to ensure that you can anticipate exactly when we arrive. This is helpful for your personal schedule. We also know that our time-reliable services are going to ensure that we are able to work accurately within predicted timeframes. We know predicated time frames are important to so you can go about your daily life knowing what to expect from your routine.

Upkeep Services

In addition to weekly mowing or bi-weekly mowing, we can go the extra mile and ensure that there are addition steps that we take that will ensure that your lawn is always looking great. For example, we are going to be able to regularly check on your watering system to ensure that there is watering happen enough and at the right time of the day. Also, we can make sure that we use fertilizers or other products that will guarantee that your grass is going healthfully, and that it is growing very green.


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