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Spring and Fall Cleanup

landscape worker doing spring fall clean up

Although your property is going to flourish mainly only in the summertime, the tail ends of the season are very important for your property’s longevity. In fact, the tasks related to spring cleanup and fall cleanup are nearly as important, if not more important, than the summer tasks themselves. That is because taking care of the soil and the property balance is highly influential on the property’s ability to grow and thrive on its own. Therefore, you will want to hire us here at Eau Claire Lawn and Snow as your dedicated yard service professionals.

Spring Cleanup

When it comes to spring cleanup, it is highly important to get all of the winter items removed. We know that these winter items can cause trouble in the property is they are not removed. Also, it is important to make sure that all of the plants get the attention that they require. Therefore, you are going to be able to make sure that the plants have a great start for the start of the growing season. Having a good growing season means that they are more likely to survive the following winter. As such, all of this work is highly interconnected, and therefore requires attention to detail.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup is an important time of the year because this is the time that prepares to property and the yard to endure winter. Making sure that cold temperature protective measures are taken is going to guarantee that the plants are going to be able to thrive again in the next year. Luckily, you can trust us here at Eau Claire Lawn and Snow for all of that. We are more than a lawn care company, and we look forward to providing services that you are going to be able to count on for many years to come.

Cleanup Removal

In addition to get the cleanup tasks done, there is also going to need to be junk removal from the property. You do not need to worry about this aspect of the work either though. Luckily, we have the team and the equipment necessary to load up all of the old spring and fall cleanup debris, and we are going to be able to haul it away. We are going to take it to an organic disposal facility because these organic waste products can be used and transformed into organic materials that can also be helpful in creating organic fertilizers.

Annual Services

The spring cleanup and fall cleanup services that we offer can be conducted on a recurring basis. Luckily when you trust us here at Eau Claire Lawn and Snow as your annual spring and fall cleanup team, we are going to be able to offer unbeatable rates. That is because we offer outstanding bundle rates for these bundle services. We know that we are going to impress you, and we know that it is best for your property to have the same systems in place. As such, you are going to want us to continually ensure that your property is the best that it can be.


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